STUNTOLOGY with Sam Bartlett

Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 2:00pm
Lodi Primary School gymnasium

This is a program you WILL NOT want to miss - you'll amaze your friends and totally annoy your family with stunts, tricks, and pranks from master stuntologist Sam Bartlett!

This ALL AGES program begins at 2 pm Thursday, June 22 at Lodi Primary School in the gymnasium. 

Stuntology will not end boredom forever, but it will give you an approach to seeing the world in a new light. Sam Bartlett has spent 30 years collecting, performing, writing about, and illustrating the world’s greatest fun & easy stunts. These are the wonderful parlor tricks that have been passed on through the ages, the simple-seeming maneuvers that are impossible, and the impossible tricks that anyone can do.

A Stuntology show is a tour through this fantastic and yet accessible panoply: you get to watch, and then it’s your turn to try!  

We thank TLC Learning Center Inc. for partnering to bring this performance to Lodi.