Lucky Day Collection

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Adult Fiction:

Backman, Fredrick           Anxious People

Bennett, Brit                    The Vanishing Half

Brown, Sandra                 Thick as Thieves

Cosby, S.A.                      Blacktop Wasteland

Cummins, Jeannine          American Dirt

Downing, Samantha         He Started It

Ellison, Ralph                  The Invisible Man

Erdich, Louise                 The Night Watchman

Eskens, Allen                   Nothing More Dangerous

Fisher, Tarryn                  The Wives

Gregory, Phillipa              Dark Tides

Grisham, John                 A TIme for Mercy

Hausman, Romy               Dear Child

Joshi, Alka                       The Henna Artist

Landragin, Alex                Crossings

McCreight, Kimberly         A Good Marriage

Molloy, Aimee                 Goodnight Beautiful

North, Alex                     The Shadows

Penny, Louise                  All the Devils Are Here

Robb, JD                           Shadows in Death

Robinson, Marilynne          Jack

Silva, Daniel                      The Order

Slaughter, Karin                The Silent Wife

Swanson, Peter                 Eight Perfect Murders

Turow, Scott                     The Last Trial

Wallace, Matt                    Savage Legion


Adult Non Fiction:

Bolton, John                          The Room Where It Happened

Buttigieg, Pete                      Trust

Christakis, Nicholas              Apollo's Arrow

Junger, Sebastian                 Tribe

Levesque, Emily                    The Last Stargazers

Pollan, Michael                      How to Change Your Mind

Rupp, Rebecca                      Home Learning, Year by Year

Tate, Christie                         Group

Weinman, Sarah                     Unspeakable Acts