Changes at the Lodi Public Library


The Lodi Women’s Club Public Library is undergoing some staffing changes due to fiscal constraints. While our current Co-Directors have done a wonderful job, the Library Board of Directors is faced with an unsustainable budget shortfall, and has had to make the difficult decision to move from co-directors to a single Director of the Library position. Here is some additional information:

  • In 2018, the Library Board has had to pay off an existing debt $58,000 to the City of Lodi.
  • For 2018, the Library Board and the Friends of the Lodi Library will be donating funds in excess of $45,000 to balance this year’s budget.
  • If things remain the same, in 2019 we are anticipating a budget shortfall of $70,000, which again will have to come from the Library Board’s invested funds.
  • Based on budget projection, and invested funds would be depleted in two-to­three years.
  • Our active Friends of the Lodi Library organization have done a fantastic job of raising funds, but we have had to use this money for operational expenses, rather than additional programs and/or services which is what these groups generally support.

The funds we receive from the City of Lodi, the Town of Lodi, Columbia County, and the State of Wisconsin, have remained stagnant, and are expected to remain flat.

We want to emphasize that Kristine Millard and Trish Frankland have been outstanding Co-Directors of the Library. Our budget situation has forced us to make a change from two directors to one, and we encourage both of them to consider applying for the position. They have served the library, and the broader community, extremely well.

Looking forward, we will be posting a position for a Library Director, and we hope to have someone on board by March, 2019. While this will results in some budget savings, our long-term plans must include developing additional revenue streams. The Library Board will also be creating a Budget Committee, which will be charged with this task. 

The Library Board of Directors, the staff, and the volunteers are committed to maintaining and growing this vital community resource. We thank you for your patience as we move forward.

If you have questions or ideas, please feel free to contact one of the individuals listed below.