Curbside FAQ

  1. What about my fines?  Lodi Library will not be accepting fine payments at this time. As long as books are not lost or damaged, no fines will be charged to user accounts.
  2. I called and left a message/emailed a request, but haven’t heard back yet.  Should I call/email again?  No, that is not necessary. Depending on the volume of calls/emails, it may take a few days for staff to return messages and to fill holds. Be assured, staff is working hard to fill hold requests as quickly as possible and will notify you as soon as we do. If we have questions about your specific requests, we will contact you.  
  3. What about my returns?  You may bring back your returns when you come to pick up your holds. Instructions for returning materials can be found in the Pickup Instructions.
  4. Can I bring back my returns during Curbside Pickup hours, even if I don’t have holds to pick up?  Yes! Unless it's raining, we try to set the return bin on the side of the building in an easily-accessible spot. If it's raining or the weather is bad, then we put it beneath the overhang on the side of the building by the staff entrance.  
  5. How many items can I request at a time?  Request as many as you'd like. If you have requested a large amount of materials, it might take us longer to get materials out to you, but we'll bring everything you have available.
  6. Can I place holds on materials from other libraries?  SCLS Delivery is once again operating, but delivery times are going to be delayed as it gets up-and-running again and deals with a large backlog. You can place holds on materials from any library within SCLS, but expect to wait longer for the items to arrive. 
  7. Do I need to make an appointment to pick up my holds?  No, you may pick up available holds anytime during Curbside Pickup hours or any time that we are open. When we are closed, staff will check out your items before you arrive to ensure as quick a delivery as possible. When we are open, we will check out your materials when you tell us you're ready to pick them up. Please follow the posted instructions for picking up your holds.
  8. I placed holds in LINKcat and when my holds were filled, the message said to contact my library to arrange pickup. Do I need to do that?  No. SCLS developed this generic message to accommodate the varied ways libraries are handling Curbside Pickup. Lodi Library is not making appointments for pickup. If you received this message, your holds are ready to be picked up anytime during Curbside Pickup hours or when we are open, following the Pickup Instructions
  9. Can I bike/walk to the library to pick up my holds?  Yes! Instructions for this option can be found under Pickup Instructions.
  10. When are my items due?  All library materials have a due date of July 1st right now. This includes items currently checked out on your account and any new checkouts. This also includes any items that normally have a shorter loan period such as DVDs and magazines, as well as any items that belong to other libraries. No fines will be assessed while we are closed. If you have any questions about due dates, please contact us.