Pickup and Return Instructions

Where do you park?

1.When you want to pick up your holds, pull into the parking lot on the side of the library building and park in one of the parking stalls. If you are walking or on a bike, please wait on the “X” near the bike racks.

Are you returning library materials to us?

2. If you have items to return, please put the materials in your trunk with a note on top that says "return." The 24-hour book drop in the entrance will also remain open.

How does the exchange work?

3. Call the library to tell us you’re outside the building and ready to pick up your holds: 608-592-4130. If you do not have a cell phone, call before you leave your house and let us know how long it takes you to get to the library. Please tell us the type of car you’re driving when you call.

4. Pop your trunk. We’ll place the materials in your trunk and grab any returns you might have. If you're walking or biking, we'll place the holds in our designated "hold spot" by the side of the building and you can pick them up from there. 

That’s it!