The list of 2019 summer library prize winners

Kids Prizes

Arthur, Emily – 2 free movie tickets

Dulmes, Jack – Telescope

Dulmes, Jade – Book + astronaut food (choice of book and food)

Fahey, Lucie – Solar System floor puzzle

Ferkey, Derek – 2 free movie tickets

Ferkey, Sierra – 2 free movie tickets

Gilles, Mark – 2 free movie tickets

Hardel, Payton – 2 free movie tickets

Karls, Henry – Book + astronaut food (choice of book and food)

Koeppen, Kat – LEGO Creator Kit

Mckearn, Conner – Drone toy

Neeb, Grayson – Planet Blocks

Pharo, Olivia – Professor Noggins’ outer space card game

Schafer, Bryce – Wooden Spaceship Crafting Kit

Schoenemann, Aubrey – 3-in-1 space explorer STEM kit

Schreiber, Mason – Book + astronaut food (choice of book and food)

Sitzman, Brittyn – Stars & Galaxies cards + astronaut food (choice of astronaut food)

Varney, Josey – Collection of Fortnite Figures

Wipperfurth, Megan – Book + astronaut food (choice of book and astronaut food)

Wipperfurth, Molly – NASA Heroes LEGO kit + Heroes book


Teen Prizes

Ament, Charlie – 2 free movie tickets

Arthur, Anna – $20 Barnes & Noble gift card

Arthur, John – Drift, the Fortnite figure

Arthur, Rebekah – NASA Apollo Saturn V LEGO set

Birchler, Lexie – 2 free movie tickets

Collyard, Elijah – 1-month pass to rec center

Collyard, Mae – LED star lights

Etlicher, Annie – 2 free movie tickets

Fredericks, Mark – Galaxy pop socket

Ripp, Beau – 2 free movie tickets

Rolfe, Ryan – 1-month pass to rec center

Statz, Navaeh – 2 free movie tickets

Wallace, Anthony – Galaxy Trucker board game

Winter, Ethan – Glow in the dark star dots


Adult Prizes

Anklam, Kelly – Astronaut pen

Atkinson, Susan – 4 tickets to the Brewers game

Cooke, Kim – Rocket socks

Heskin, Kathy – 2 tickets to the Brewers game

Hildebrandt, Sharon – Sherpa throw space blanket

Johnson, Mary Ann – 1-month pass to the rec center

Keltz, Erin – Constellation umbrella