Electronic Use & Internet Safety Policies

Electronic Use Policy

This policy applies to all digital equipment, whether personal or public, used on Lodi Public Library grounds. Computer users are expected to have necessary skills to utilize equipment; library staff can provide basic assistance but will not offer detailed technical assistance. Accessing information via library portals does not constitute library endorsement of the content; users should evaluate online resources just as they do other materials.

The library’s wireless network is not secure, and the library does not guarantee the safety of traffic across its wireless network. The connection shall not be used for illegal or capacity-hogging purposes. No password is required for wireless access.

A library card or legal photo identification is required for computer login, and access may be blocked for outstanding library fines. The library reserves the right to set standardized time limits and to end a session when time limits are reached.

Children under age 13 are not allowed login on library computers (library card is blocked by birthdate). Adult login paired with supervision is allowed. Adults are encouraged to discuss safe and appropriate internet use with their children.

For privacy of all users, only one person is allowed per computer station. A “team-use station” is provided for patrons working together, parents working with minors, or other multi-user needs.

Personal storage devices and headphones may be used with library equipment. Only library software may be used on library computers. Headphones must be used on any personal equipment utilizing sound.

Library equipment may be used only for legal purposes. Unacceptable uses include but are not limited to:

  • Transmission of threatening or harassing materials;
  • Graphic depictions which may be disturbing to other library users;
  • Attempting to modify or gain access to equipment or data belonging to others;
  • Violations of copyright.

Violations may result in the loss of equipment/library privileges at the discretion of the library director. Costs for repairs to library equipment caused by malicious or deliberate damage will be the responsibility of the user. Illegal uses of computers also may be subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal authorities.

This policy will be reviewed annually and amended as needed.

(revised 1/16)


Internet Safety Policy

The Lodi Public Library will take practical steps to promote the safety and security of minors using the library’s internet access. Specifically, the library will take practical steps to address the following things specified in the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act:

  • Restrict online access by minors to inappropriate matter or materials harmful to minors.
  • Limit unauthorized online access, including hacking and other unlawful activities, by minors.
  • Limit unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal identification information regarding minors.

Children under the age of 13 may not use any unfiltered internet connection in the library; access to an unfiltered connection will be available only to adults upon special request.

(adopted 1/16)