Proctored Exams

What Students Should Do

  1. Contact the library, schedule a time to take the exam, and reserve a quiet room. 
  2. Professor/Instructor should send details of the exam to the library (e.g. exam website, password to log onto the exam website, notes about any restrictions, etc.) to
  3. On the day of the exam, the student will provide a photo ID as identification.
  4. The library proctor will set up the exam, explain all exam rules, and enforce time limits.
  5. Educational institutions will supply a self-addressed and stamped envelope for any exam or exam materials that need to be mailed out.

What the Library Will Not Do

  1. Library proctors will not sit in the room with students while they take their exams.
  2. The library will not open outside of normal operating hours to proctor exams. 
  3. The library will not install any special software on its computers to proctor exams.
  4. The library will not retain copies of completed exams for any period.
  5. The library will not participate in any money exchange that needs to take place between the student and the educational institution.