Reading Program

It's Summer Library Program Prize Pick-up Time!

If you've completed the Summer Reading Program, you can pick up your book at the Library starting Monday August 17th. Let us know whether you did a paper log or online.

You can still pick up Bingo prizes too if you haven't gotten them and you have until 8/31/20 to complete your August Bingo card in the online program.


2 Options for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Please pick one:

  1. A simple print Reading Form for tracking your reading.
  2. An Online Program for tracking your reading, which includes challenges, bingo, and badges.

Option 1: Reading Form

  • Print this Reading Form or get one from the library.
  • Set your reading goal. When you meet your reading goal, bring in your form. Those who reach their goal will get a choice from our Book Vault, starting on Monday, August 17.
  • This form also has a time capsule questionnaire on the back. You don't need to fill this out, but it could be fun to look back on in future years.

Option 2: Online Program

  • We are using software called Beanstack, which is an online way to track your reading.
  • This is a good option if you have kids who want to complete the monthly bingo cards for on-the-go prizes.
  • This option also has additional drawings, opening up the possibility that you can win more prizes.
  • Prizes will be drawn on Monday, August 17 and winners will be notified.


  • The Reading Program starts on Monday, June 8 and goes through Saturday, August 15.