2022 Summer Library Program summary


2022 was our biggest summer library program ever. We had more prizes, more events, and more people participating. We are grateful to our wonderful Friends of the Lodi Public Library group, who funded the vast majority of the summer program. We also want to thank Sauk Prairie Healthcare Foundation for their grant, which paid for our climbing wall event and our weekly yoga in the park, and Wisconsin Humanities for their mini-grant, which paid for 200 books to be distributed for our 2nd annual Community-Wide Read.

Through June, July, and August, we offered 91 programs and had 5,102 people participate. 

Kids turn in a reading slip every hour they read (or are read to). Teens turn in a reading slip for every 100 pages they read. Adults turn in a reading slip for every book they read (or listen to). That means that amongst participants in 2022: kids read (or were read to) for 4,179 hours, teens read 140,000 pages, and adults read 773 books.

Summer Library Program Registrations

2018: 166
2019: 293
2020: [pandemic, no summer program]
2021: 438
2022: 638

Kids Reading Slips Turned In

2019: 1,349
2021: 2,280
2022: 4,179

Teens Reading Slips Turned In

2019: 440
2021: 891
2022: 1,400

Adult Reading Slips Turned In

2019: 142
2021: 303
2022: 773