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One More Saturday Storytime and Build and Balance Session

Saturday Music & Storytimes have been a big hit this summer!

We have one more session coming up this weekend at 10 am and Build & Balance at 10:30. Bring the kids to sing songs and hear stories. After that, they can get burn up some energy with the balance equipment or build a masterpiece with various building materials!

We hope to see you there!




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In the near future, we are going to be starting an email newsletter to let people know about library news. You can sign up for the newsletter by stopping in at the library and filling out a paper form. Or you can click on the logo below and fill out the form electronically.

Book Club Monday 8/19 at 7:00 - A Thousand Splendid Suns

We still have copies of A Thousand Splendid Suns available for check-out. You can grab a copy and then come to the library Monday evening and talk it over with the book club!

Our September book, The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah, will be available for pickup on Monday afternoon.

August Database - ReferenceUSA

Do you ever need to find phone numbers or other contact information for people or businesses? 

Do you want to find job listings all over the U.S. and other helpful information?  Then ReferenceUSA is for you!

Fun fact, according to ReferenceUSA, there are 7 James Buffett's in the U.S. and 1 Jimmy Buffett.

The list of 2019 summer library prize winners

Kids Prizes

Arthur, Emily – 2 free movie tickets

Dulmes, Jack – Telescope

Dulmes, Jade – Book + astronaut food (choice of book and food)

Fahey, Lucie – Solar System floor puzzle

Ferkey, Derek – 2 free movie tickets

Ferkey, Sierra – 2 free movie tickets

Gilles, Mark – 2 free movie tickets

Hardel, Payton – 2 free movie tickets

Karls, Henry – Book + astronaut food (choice of book and food)

Koeppen, Kat – LEGO Creator Kit

Mckearn, Conner – Drone toy

Neeb, Grayson – Planet Blocks

Pharo, Olivia – Professor Noggins’ outer space card game

Schafer, Bryce – Wooden Spaceship Crafting Kit

Schoenemann, Aubrey – 3-in-1 space explorer STEM kit

Schreiber, Mason – Book + astronaut food (choice of book and food)

Sitzman, Brittyn – Stars & Galaxies cards + astronaut food (choice of astronaut food)

Varney, Josey – Collection of Fortnite Figures

Wipperfurth, Megan – Book + astronaut food (choice of book and astronaut food)

Wipperfurth, Molly – NASA Heroes LEGO kit + Heroes book


Teen Prizes

Ament, Charlie – 2 free movie tickets

Arthur, Anna – $20 Barnes & Noble gift card

Arthur, John – Drift, the Fortnite figure

Arthur, Rebekah – NASA Apollo Saturn V LEGO set

Birchler, Lexie – 2 free movie tickets

Collyard, Elijah – 1-month pass to rec center

Collyard, Mae – LED star lights

Etlicher, Annie – 2 free movie tickets

Fredericks, Mark – Galaxy pop socket

Ripp, Beau – 2 free movie tickets

Rolfe, Ryan – 1-month pass to rec center

Statz, Navaeh – 2 free movie tickets

Wallace, Anthony – Galaxy Trucker board game

Winter, Ethan – Glow in the dark star dots


Adult Prizes

Anklam, Kelly – Astronaut pen

Atkinson, Susan – 4 tickets to the Brewers game

Cooke, Kim – Rocket socks

Heskin, Kathy – 2 tickets to the Brewers game

Hildebrandt, Sharon – Sherpa throw space blanket

Johnson, Mary Ann – 1-month pass to the rec center

Keltz, Erin – Constellation umbrella

A Summary of the 2019 Community Forum

On February 21, 2019, approximately 70 people from the Lodi Community gathered to discuss the current status and future direction of the Lodi Public Library.  In addition to the Forum discussion, an online survey was posted on the library's website.  The following is an abbreviated summary from both the Forum and the survey.

Community Forum Participants Enthusiastically Discuss the Future of the Lodi Public Library

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