Humorous Early Readers


Humorous stories

Funny stories for the Elephant & Piggie lover in your life who's looking for their next read!

- Andrea



cover of Roller Bears by Eric Seltzer


Eric Seltzer (author)

Eric Seltzer is the author of many books with colorful illustrations and silly situations. His books focus on rhyming and wordplay. Some titles include Roller bears, Knight owls, and Party pigs! --- all illustrated by Tom Tinn-Disbury.

cover of For Otto by David Milgrim

The Adventures of Otto (series) by David Milgrim

A series about a robot and his animal friends in silly situations. The series focuses on short sentences, repetition, and rhyming words. This series is a mix of Pre-Readers and Level 1 titles.


cover of Fox is Late by Corey Tabor


Fox (series) by Corey Tabor

A series about an independent fox who likes to march to the beat of his own drum. Featuring sweet friendship and silly situations.




Level 1 Early Readers (Same as Elephant & Piggie)

cover of Unicorn and Yeti

Unicorn and Yeti (series) by Heather Avris Burnell

A series about two very different friends who discover things they like to do together. They have fun even when things go wrong.

cover of Do You Like My Bike by Norm Feuti


Hello, Hedgehog! (series) by Norm Feuti

A series of stories about supportive friends who have big emotions, sometimes silly.

cover of Splat the Cat: Good Night, Sleep Tight

Splat the Cat (series), created by Rob Scotton

Splat and his friends get into silly situations and make funny faces. This series has a mix of picture books, Level 1 and Level 2 readers.

cover of Fox and Chick: the Party

Fox + Chick (series) by Sergio Ruzzier

Stories about friends who are opposites.

cover of Hello, Crabby by Jonathan Fenske

Jonathan Fenske (author)

Jonathan Fenske is the author of many humorous books and series. The Crabby the Crabby Crab series is focused on the friendship of two friends with very different personalities. The Pig and Fox series is more focused on wordplay. His works include picture books, Level 1 and Level 2 readers.


cover of Snail & Worm by Tina Kugler

Snail & Worm (series) by Tina Kügler

Collections of short stories starring two friends.

cover of The Totally Secret Secret by Bob Shea

Ballet Cat (series) by Bob Shea

Ballet Cat shares her love of dance with her friends and family.

cover of Jack at Batt

Jack Book (series) by Max Barnett (author) and Greg Pizzoli (illustrator)

A funny series about a mischievous rabbit, a cranky old lady, and a loveable dog.

cover of What About Worms by Ryan T. Higgins

Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! (series)

A series of funny books that are Elephant & Piggie approved! They are shelved separately by author, but all have the distinctive “Elephant and Piggie” type spine, so they can be found on the shelves easily. Some good ones include the silly book about creepy crawlies called What about worms!? by Ryan T. Higgins and It's shoe time! by Bryan Collier.



Level 2 Early Readers

cover of Hi Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold

Tedd Arnold (author)

Tedd Arnold writes funny and gross stories sure to appeal to every mud-roller. His most popular series is Fly Guy -- a series full of gross-out humor about a boy and his pet fly. Also check out his companion series about educational topics - Fly Guy Presents.

cover of Poppleton by Cynthia Rylant

Poppleton (series) by Cynthia Rylant (author) and Mark Teague (illustrator)

Clever and silly stories about Poppleton and his friends. A gentle and slow-paced series focused on friendship and having fun.

cover of Frog and Toad Are Friends

Frog and Toad (series) by Arnold Lobel

Stories about friends having a good and often funny time. A gentle and slow-paced series.

cover of Amelia Bedelia

Amelia Bedelia (series) by Peggy and Herman Parish

The classic, silly series about a maid who always takes things too literally. Kids will enjoy the wordplay and absurd situations. There's also a companion young Amelia Bedelia series of Level 1 readers.



cover of Grumpy Monkey: ready set bananas


Grumpy Monkey (series) by Suzanne and Max Lang

A series about a grumpy monkey who gets into mischief with very expressive illustrations.



cover of Rabbit and Robot: The Sleepover


Rabbit & Robot (series) by Cece Bell

A rabbit and a robot are friends despite their differences.



cover of Frank and Bean: Food Truck Fiasco

Frank and Bean (series) by Jamie Michalak (author) and Bob Kolar (illustrator)

A fun, colorful series of a couple of foods getting into absurd situations.




Level 3+ Early Readers

cover of Hooray for the Golly Sisters


The Golly Sisters (series) by Betsy Byars (author) and Sue Truesdell (illustrator)

Stories about the antics of the sisters: May-May and Rose. May-May and Rose make ridiculous decisions, but have fun traveling around performing together.


cover of Charlie & Mouse


Charlie & Mouse (series) by Laurel Snyder (author) and Emily Hughes (illustrator)

Silly stories about two brothers and their antics. They feature familiar situations and everyday humor.


cover of Fox All Week


Fox (series) by Edward and James Marshall

Humorous stories about a Fox just trying to have a good time.



cover of Snail's Silly Adventures


Snail (series) by Mary Peterson

Stories about an expressive, silly snail and his best friend ladybug.


cover of I Have to Go


Robert Munsch (author)

Classic stories by Robert Munsch adapted for early readers.